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5 Things You Must Ask your Gynecologist by Megan Poley

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A lot of women may feel shy or embarrassed to ask personal questions to their doctors. It doesn’t matter if what you are wondering about is embarrassing or you are confused about anything, it is important that if you need something answered you can ask your doctor. Here are 5 things that you should not be shy or embarrassed about asking your gynecologist.

  1. Why does sex hurt? Why does it itch down there?
  2. Is vaginal odor a sign of an infection or STD?
  3. Why do I sometimes leak urine? I am concerned about my significant other cheating, or I have cheated, should I get an STD test?
  4. Why am I having hot flashes? Why has the skin near my vagina changed color and texture?
  5. Why do I have such painful periods? How should I check my breasts for breast cancer?

If sex hurts for a woman it can be caused by many different things including illness, infection, physical problems, or psychological problems. Infections such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, thrush, and genital herpes can cause pain during sex. Menopause can make the vagina dry and affect a woman’s desire to have sex and therefore make the sex painful. Lack of arousal can also make sex painful. Irritation or allergy to condoms, shampoo, or soap can also cause pain. Also, vaginismus which makes the muscle around the vagina shut tightly can make sex painful and difficult.

Vaginal itching may often be confused with a yeast infection and if medication is used if there is no yeast infection then that can make the itching problem worse. Itching may be a sign of an STD, vulvar skin disorder, bacterial infection, sensitivity to soap, or an early sign of vulvar cancer. Vaginal itching can be very serious and if you experience it, then you should see your gynecologist about the itching.

Vaginal odor is very common in women and is one of the biggest concerns women have about their vaginas. Usually, the odor is normal but if you are unsure you should ask your doctor, especially if you have vaginal odor along with excessive discharge, itching, or burning. These may be a sign of a bacterial infection, and it can be treated.

Leaking urine is most common among women about to go through menopause or who have already gone through menopause, especially in women who have had children. Leaking urine is often treatable with weight loss, bladder training, medication, implant devices, or surgery.

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If your significant other or you have cheated and you don’t know if you should get an STD test, then you most likely should. Asking for an STD test can be embarrassing but once you know the result you will feel much better. Getting an STD test can take away your concerns, or it could save your life if you did contract an STD. It is better to have the test done than to not have it and wonder if you have an STD because you are too embarrassed to ask.

Hot flashes may be thought of as a normal thing for women and many don’t tell their doctors if they experience them, because they think it’s a natural thing that occurs. They can be a normal thing for menopause, but they could also be a symptom of another condition. Hot flashes can be a sign of a thyroid imbalance and can easily be treated with medication.

Changes in the color or texture of your vagina could be a sign of benign vulvar skin disorder. If this isn’t treated it can thin the skin of the vulvar which can lead to painful sex or tearing the skin of the genitals during sex. This can also cause pain or itching if it isn’t treated. There are available treatments and early detection is very important for treatment.

Painful periods may be a sign of endometriosis, which causes pain and infertility. This can affect millions of women in the United States, but a lot of the women go undiagnosed. So many women aren’t diagnosed because many think that painful periods are normal and don’t feel the need to tell their doctors about it. If endometriosis is found early enough it can be curable and it is treatable if not found early.

Women should do self-breast exams to check for lumps or any signs of breast cancer. If you don’t know how to do a breast exam then you should see your doctor and they can teach you. It is also important to have regular checkups with your doctor concerning breast cancer as well.

In conclusion, these questions may be embarrassing and scary to ask your gynecologist, but if you have any concerns you should just ask because that is what they are there for. Something that you may think isn’t a big deal and you are afraid to ask about may have severe side effects and if you just asked your doctor then it could have been prevented.





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