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What Is ACLS Certification?

ACLS Class, MemphisThe American Heart Association ACLS class is designed for Healthcare and Emergency Medical Professionals such as physicians, nurses, paramedics, physician assistants, surgeons and all other medically related professionals that must be prepared to handle a crisis situation. ACLS courses revolve around teaching team communication in response to immediate and post cardiac arrest care. Skills such as managing airways, initiating IV’s, understanding ECG’s and emergency pharmacology are all essential components in any AHA ACLS certification class.

At the end of the class, each student will participate in a Megacode which simulates actual scenarios that utilize AHA ACLS algorithms. Each algorithm takes into consideration such variables as ECG readings and pharmacology. We pride ourselves on offering STRESS-FREE MEGACODES!!! We believe optimal learning occurs initially in a stress-free and relaxed classroom environment.

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Get ACLS Certified in ONE DAY!
Hands-On and Stress-Free.

  • -Satisfy ACLS certification requirements for you job or school program.
  • -Make Yourself More Marketable in a Competitive Job Market. Don’t Risk Being Overlooked for a Job.
  • -Increase Your Value in the Workplace = Earn More Money!
  • -Learn in a Hands-On Environment!
  • -Stress-Free CPR and Megacode.
  • -Invest in YOU!


ACLS Class, Memphis

All Inclusive One Day ACLS Certification Includes:

  • -Complete ACLS cognitive and skills tests provider course *included ($279)
  • -2 year American Heart Association ACLS Card *included ($10)
  • -Course Site & Registration Fee *included ($40)
  • -American Heart Association Instructor Fee *included
  • -Required ACLS AHA Manual and Materials *included ($53)
  • -**FREE SHIPPING ACLS Manual and Materials *included ($9)

**Books and Pre-course Instructions ship immediately after registration.


Certify in ONE DAY! Truly an All-Inclusive Package.


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All of our Advanced Cardiac Life Support classes in Memphis are taught in a stress-free classroom. We believe it is essential to have a relaxed environment in order to maximize learning. Each student has different needs, so we try to offer specific training methods that can reach everyone. Our American Heart Association instructors will mix lectures, videos, hands-on activities, group activities, and one on one instructor to student teaching techniques. Our goal at CPR Memphis is to help you succeed and be the most prepared healthcare provider in any crisis situation.

Please feel free to contact us about any of your concerns or questions. We are always here to help.
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