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CPR for Trainers, Teachers and more..

Do You Need CPR Certification?

  HeartSaver® CPR for the Public is CPR and AED Training For:

  • -Teachers and CounselorsHeartSaver CPR Memphis TN
  • -Personal Trainers (ACE)
  • -Lifeguards
  • -Coaches
  • -Babysitters, Childcare Facilities and Parents
  • -Security guards
  • -Airline personnel
  • -Hotels and Restaurants
  • -Senior and Daycare Centers
  • -Corporate Organizations that want CPR and AED training, AND
  • -Everyone Else who is NOT a Healthcare Professional who wants or needs to know basic CPR with Automated External Defibrillator (AED) training.


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This is the American Heart Association Certified Heartsaver® CPR-AED Class in Memphis, TN.    After completion of this course you will receive a 2 year AHA HeartSaver® CPR card from the American Heart Association (AHA). In this course you will learn and become AHA Certified on the following skills:

  • -Adult CPR with maskCPR Class, Memphis
  • -Adults AED Training
  • -Child/Infant (Pediatric) CPR with mask
  • -Child/Infant (Pediatric) AED Training
  • -Child/Infant (Pediatric) Choking
  • -Adult Choking
  • and more… 


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  • -Fun, Stress-Free Classroom and Instructors
  • -American Heart Association certified class – accepted by everyone!
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  • -Lifetime Reminder System. It will become our job to remind you when it’s time to renew.
  • -Avoid Long, Boring Online Classes! No more sitting in front of your computer all day with a boring and ineffective online class where you still have to get an in-person skills test before you receive your AHA provider card.
  • -Get Hands-On and Interactive Training that really prepares you for the real thing.
  • -Get Card Day of Class!


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  This class is specifically designed for non-healthcare providers such as teachers, coaches, lifeguards, personal trainers, and all other employees or individuals in the community who want to or need to become CPR certified for infants, children and adults as well as trained on an AED machine. This course is not for nurses, doctors, dentists, and other healthcare professionals. Healthcare professionals would need to take Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR for the certification to be valid for their employment. More advanced training for medical professionals include classes like ACLS and PALS. Learning the proper techniques that are taught in this class can save lives. You will learn hands-on how to perform a chest compression, rescue breathing, choking intervention and much more on both pediatrics (infants, children) and adults. You will be prepared for real life scenarios should they ever arise. This course includes the most up to date CPR from the American Heart Association 2010 updated guidelines. We will also provide for you an instructor and class room environment that makes you feel comfortable. We believe a stress-free and fun class proves to produce optimal learning and skills achievement. All instructors are AHA CPR certified teachers with experience. We further train them on how to teach the best CPR Memphis has to offer. This course is also often known as CPR for the Public as well as basic CPR or HeartSaver CPR by the American Heart Association. See you in class!