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This HeartSaver® First Aid class is:HeartSaver FirstAid, Memphis

  • -American Heart Association certified.
  • -Perfect for individuals with little or no formal medical training.
  • -Designed for personal trainers, teachers, and anyone who needs to be First Aid Certified for a job or position.


What Will You Learn?

1. Injury Emergencies including head-neck-spine injuries, wound-sprain-burn care, how to handle bleeding and broken bones, etc

2. Environmental Crisis including hyperthermia and hypothermia problems, bites-stings, and poison control, etc

3. Medical Emergencies dealing with strokes, seizures, CV shock, blood sugar abnormalities, etc


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If you are not a healthcare professional, such as a nurse, physician, surgeon, paramedic, etc, and need or want to be certified in First Aid, then register now for this American Heart Association HeartSaver First Aid class in Memphis, TN. Most people choose to add on HeartSaver CPR as well where you will learn life saving techniques taught by the AHA. You will learn about how to give a proper chest compression and at what rate, as well as how to provide rescue breaths. When you combine a First Aid class with a CPR class, you are receiving a tremendous amount of important knowledge that will prepare you for most crisis situations that you may be confronted with in a public or private setting.

If you are a parent, you will learn the First Aid procedures that can will make you feel secure if your child should require the need. If you are an employee that is required to be First Aid and CPR certified, then these classes will satisfy all requirements for your job.

All of our instructors at CPR Memphis are friendly and experienced teachers. Their goal is to ensure that you learn the material, but also have an enjoyable experiences doing so.

See you in class!