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Stress-Free Advanced Cardiac Life Support in Memphis, TN.


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ACLS Recertification Class, Memphis TN

Sign up now for the Best, Stress-Free ACLS Class Memphis has to offer – guaranteed or you money back! CPR Memphis specializes in a relaxed environment to teach advanced life support skills, including the Megacode. Our highly skilled instructors are certified by the American Heart Association, and are further trained by us to ensure that a professional yet relaxed and fun environment is maintained throughout the course. We believe that a relaxed classroom provides for optimal learning of the critical skills and knowledge you will obtain from this class.

This ACLS class includes instruction on managing airways, IV’s, ECG’s and emergency pharmacology. At the end of the class you will go through a culminating experience that includes our friendly, highly skilled AHA instructors taking your through a Stress-Free Megacode.

We want you to succeed!


Renew Your ACLS – Hands-On & Stress-Free.

  • -American Heart Association Certified – class and instructors.ACLS Renew Class
  • -100% Satisfaction – or your money back!
  • -Relaxed Megacode and Hands-On CPR!
  • -Continuing Education Hours certificate
  • -No Frustrating Online Classes! Don’t spend all day sitting in front of your computer being frustrated with no one in which to communicate. Get a fun, in-person experience where you will actually learn the information in a hands-on environment.
  • -Our Mission is for You to Succeed.
  • -Fast & Organized Classes – every time!




CPR Memphis’ ACLS Package Includes:

  • -Get Your 2 year ACLS Provider Card the Day of Class! (included)
  • -Automated Reminder System – so you don’t expire in two years (included)
  • -Housing of Certification Record with AHA (included)-
  • -Course Registration Fee (included)
  • -ACLS Course Site and Equipment Fee (included)
  • -American Heart Association Instructor Fee (included)
  • -Required AHA Manual not included.


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Our goal at CPR Memphis is to provide you with the best ACLS Class Memphis has to offer. Our classes are all 100% American Heart Association certified. Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) classes can be very intimidating due to the complexity of certain algorithms. This is also true because these algorithms also change as new findings in research is established. Because of this we feel that it is essential that our instructors not only keep up with the latest changes, but also understand that patience with teaching the ACLS Recertification information is a critical part of the learning process.

As mentioned earlier, our instructors are highly experienced professionals who use skills in their fields on a continuing basis. Because of this they are not only highly qualified to teach ACLS classes, but also can offer “real-life” critical situations that they experienced in the field which often goes beyond what can be expressed in a manual.

The goal of CPR Memphis is to teach you Advance Cardiac Life Support skills in a stress-free class so that optimal learning occurs. We will prepare you for the written ACLS exam, the culminating Megacode, and most importantly for actual crisis that you must either be a part of or even lead.