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If you need the American Heart Association Basic Life Support class for school or your job, and live in the Palm Harbor, Florida area, you can easily sign up for this class with CPR Tampa. CPR Tampa offers both first time CPR for healthcare providers as well as the renewal class. This certification class will award you with a two year AHA Provider Card.  American Heart Association

If you are not familiar with this type of certification, but know you need it for your school program, it is essential that you ensure that it is through the American Heart Association. There are many online companies that pretend to be AHA certified, but they are not. Most colleges, schools, universities and employees will always require that the certification is through the AHA. Although the AHA has part of this course online, it always requires that an in-person, hands-on skills check be completed before you can get your card. So if a company says you can get your certification completely online, you know it is NOT through the AHA. Beware!!!

If you are a student in a program such as nursing school, medical school, dental school, dental hygiene program, physical therapist, chiropractic school, pharmacy school, etc., this is the course you will be required to be certified in. This certification is good for two years, then you will have to take the BLS refresher course. Generally this course lasts between 3.5-4 hours. You will learn about basic CPR which includes proper chest compressions and rescue breathing. You will practice 2 rescuer scenarios. This course covers information regarding infants, children and adults. You will also be trained on automated external defibrillators (AED’s), and how to call for the emergency response team.

CPR Tampa teaches this out of their Palm Harbor location. It is very easy to register on their website – get the link above. Once you register you will be able to attend the stress-free and fun BLS for Healthcare Providers course taught by their friendly AHA instructors. It’s easy to contact them by phone at 727.240.9404 if you have additional question.

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Get the Best CPR Class in Memphis Today!

They also offer some terrific CPR training videos on their YouTube channel. Check it out.



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