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What is Turner Syndrome by Kristine Wilson

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Gonadal dysgenesis or Turner syndrome is the condition where one of the X chromosomes is missing in a female. Turner syndrome was first discovered by a man named Otto Ullrich and his partner Doctor Henry Turner, who Turner Syndrome was named after. They discovered it after observing some of their female patients and noticing differences compared to a normal female. Turner reported these observations in nineteen thirty eight and Turner syndrome became known to the public.

Compared to when Turner syndrome was first discovered, Turner syndrome can be determined  before or when a female baby is born. This is because of the physical appearance of the fetus or the newborn baby.  Turner females already have physical changes when they are a fetus and can be determined by the doctor when giving the mother an ultra sound. In addition to that the baby can be born with swollen feet and hands, low set ears, and many other physical differences. For example the most obvious physical difference the female’s height. Turner syndrome females are short statured and fall way behind on the growth chart. Unlike the other physical differences this one can be helped with, females with Turner syndrome can take what is called Growth Hormones. It is a shot that a female can take once a day from the time they start the shot to when the Doctor notices no more growth. While the Female has grown in terms of height their development is still behind. Their breasts are unable to develop along with the ability to have their monthly deal. But with hormone pills their bodies are able to function the way they should.

Turner syndrome not only effects the female physically it can also affect their intelligence. While turner syndrome females have normal intelligence their can still be gaps when it comes to their learning. While they may read something a million times and may have it known to them they may not completely understand something. In some other cases they are able to understand thing easier but sometimes need a little extra assistance. Such as for example a class may be doing a test and there is a student with Turner syndrome. They understand the material but there is a lot of noise going on while the student is trying to take the test. The student may not need help but a more quiet environment.

One in two thousand five hundred females are diagnosed with turner syndrome every year and I myself am among that one in two thousand five hundred. I found out I had Turner syndrome when I was getting ready to go into kindergarten. My teachers noticed how short I was compared to the rest of my class and because of it my parents decided to take me to the Doctor, where I found out.  While I may not look like I have it and it may not seem like it a good amount of the time I still have it and have to overcome it.




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