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9 Things You Must Know About Endometriosis by Chastity Stephens

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We have all experienced “that time of the month”, if you are a women that is.  Some men experience it but without the bleeding. Have you experienced server cramping or cramping that is worse than usual during your menstrual period? Well if so and you are in childbearing years you may have what they call endometriosis. Endometriosis is when the tissue that lines your uterus grows outside of your uterus.  It usually involves your ovaries, bowel and the tissue that lines your pelvis.  This tissue normally will not spread beyond your pelvic region. The displaced endometrial tissue continues to act as it normally would in the uterus.  This means when you have your menstrual period if you have displaced endometrial tissue this tissue begins to bleed as well the only difference is it has no exit.

Below I have listed nine facts about endometriosis that include signs and symptoms as well as ways your doctor may diagnose endometriosis.

1)    Primary symptom of endometriosis is pelvic pain, often during your menstrual period.

2)    The pain will usually increase over time.

3)    Pain with intercourse (during or after) is not uncommon.

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4)    Excessive bleeding during your menstrual can be a sign but also abnormal bleeding.  You mad experience blood in you stool or your urine or even vaginal bleeding after sex.

5)    The scar tissue can potentially cause infertility. 20% to 40% of women who are experiencing infertility have endometriosis.

6)    If you have women in your family such as a mother, aunt or sister with endometriosis you could possibly be at a higher risk.  Also, if you have a menstrual cycle lasting less than 28 days and a menstrual flow longer than 7 days this could as well put you at a higher risk for endometriosis.

7)    The most common explanation for endometriosis is retrograde menstruation. This is where endometrial cells flow the opposite direction during menstruation instead of out of the body.  These cells stick to the pelvic walls and surfaces of organs. This is where they will grow and thicken. These cells will continue to bleed during every menstrual cycle. While this can be considered a cause for endometriosis experts really are not sure.  What they are sure of is that estrogen makes this condition worse.  Women have high levels of estrogen during childbearing years.

8)    In order to diagnose endometriosis the doctor can do a pelvic exam where he palpates your pelvis area for abnormalities. An ultrasound and laparoscopy can also be done to diagnose endometriosis.

9)    There is not a cure for endometriosis but treatment for endometriosis is usually with medication or surgery.

If you have experienced any of the signs and symptoms above there is a possibility that it could be endometriosis.  There are some home remedies you can try if you continue to have pain. Try running a warm bath and applying a heating pad to your pelvic area. This could possible help relax your muscles and reduce pain. You can also take over the counter NSAIDs (ibuprofen, Advil etc.). Although we cannot prevent endometriosis use of birth control over a long period of time may prevent endometriosis from becoming worse.








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