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CPR Class Reviews in Memphis | CPR Memphis

ACLS, BLS, PALS Classes, Memphis TN

 What Healthcare Providers Say About Us!



Fun and Laid Back! Great Teacher Who Was Interactive. Sean Miller, paramedic

Great class. Had taken ACLS here as well. Can get into a class quickly. Excellent instructor – informative and helpful. Rose Lamourex, RN 

Excellent! Darrell Gray, MD


I Loved It! Concise and thorough. Donna Robinson, Student Nurse

Great Class!

“Stress-Free and Relaxed!”


This has been the best ACLS class that I have taken. The instructor thoroughly explained everything. I would refer any healthcare worker to take this. I would 100% come back again. I learned a lot! Barbra Rogers, RN

I took this class because I could do both PALS and BLS in the same day. Dianna Gibson, CRNA


Excellent! Andrew Neal, FNP


They made every effort to help us feel relaxed. Marcia Snyder, CRNA


Low Stress and Effective! Janet Heath, OTA student


Great! Ben LaPierre, Pulmonary Function Tech


Low Stress!!! Mike Dole, Paramedic


The class was great! Good lecture and kept my attention. The instructor was very knowledgeable! Anna LeBreuf, RN

Wonderful ACLS Class.

“Fast and Easy to Learn!”

Very Knowledgeable and Interesting! Nicole Healy, Student Nurse

Very good. Made class fun and enjoyed real life scenarios. Macey, RN

I enjoyed the class. It was a fun learning experience. Melissa Hearst, Nursing Student

Excellent class. Instructor was thorough and kept it fun. Kelly Vasel, RN

Excellent Presentation! Christopher Weber, DMA

Great ACLS class. Very helpful instructors and fun and knowledgeable. Tim, Firefighter

Great Experience! Beth Conrardy, physician


I appreciated the teachers humor and way of teaching each part of the training. Vanessa al Rashida, Medical Student

Convenient. Very Helpful! John Luth, student


Very knowledgeable. Good Explanations. Michael Swart, CNA


Super Informative and Easy to Understand! Beatty, student

Awesome! Mark Cillo, BSN

CPR class

“Great Relief of Stressful Online Classes!”

Great. Sandra Rieth, Nurse Practitioner

Love it! Fast, easy and right on time. Danielle Cole, Nursing Student 

Very helpful. Matthew Keopera, Personal Trainer

I had a great class experience. I learned CPR with using hands on activities. Works well for my style of learning. Demi Deferhofer, Nursing student

This CPR class was well organized. The instuctor had a lot of experience because she was a paramedic. She shared some really good real life stories. Tom Kellog, Pharmacist

Felt instructor gave good examples and was eager to help and answer questions. Nina Faletti, Student

Full of information. Great. I’m glad I took it here. Ken Entelbarro, Physician

Everything was covered and it wasn’t boring or tiresome. Christianne Mendez, Nursing Student

Best CPR class I’ve ever attended! Loretta Budd, Nursing Student

Excellent. Darrell Gray, M.D./Fellow

Best PALS class.

“Relaxed and Organized.”


The most stress-free ACLS Megacode I’ve ever had. Thank you! Great job. Fran Ricolla, NP


Instructor was terrific! So helpful and nice. Margaret Thomas, PT


At CPR Memphis, we focus on providing the best CPR classes Memphis has to offer. We teach Stress-Free Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) and HeartSaver CPR and First Aid classes. All of our classes are American Heart Association certified.

Our classes are fun, relaxed, organized and fast.